Specialty Program

Memory Meadow Alzheimer's Program

Alzheimer's ProgramAt Memory Meadows, minds matter. Our programming revolves around the idea of ability-centered care. We allow and encourage our residents to maintain as much of their independence as possible, but are on standby for any assistance needed. Our day-to-day activities involve physical activities, such as a group exercise class that encourages maintaining the resident's range of motion, as well as hand-eye coordination. We also incorporate cognitive activities such as scavenger hunts or creating stories, which encourage residents to work their brains and keep as much cognition as possible. Our day room is equipped with several activities that can help stimulate the residents' brains and help them have fun in the process.

When working with a person that has the diagnosis of dementia, we strive to look at them as a person, not as a diagnosis. There is no specific pattern that a diagnosis of dementia follows, which makes it even harder for the person and the family to deal with. Our staff gets to know the resident for who they are and helps the resident adjust to facility life by incorporating things the resident enjoyed. We also strive to support the family of the resident in any way that we can.

We understand that, along with the Dementia or Alzheimer's disease diagnosis, oftentimes, behaviors, such as wandering, are accompanied. Our facility is equipped with delayed-egress doors in order to keep the residents in a safe environment. They are also able to go wherever they please throughout the entire building. We believe that residents should be able to roam freely and safely, and not be locked into small corridor.

Other Services We Offer

Our staff treats our residents as if they were family, and try to accommodate for their needs to the best of their abilities. Aside from Dementia Care, we also offer rehab-to-home services, IV Therapy, Would Care, Enteral Feeding, Nebulizer Treatments, Diabetes Management, and Patient and Family Education.  We also have physical, occupational, speech, and cognitive therapies.